Magically Turn A Single Image of Yourself or Your Clients Into An Animated Local Expert  In Seconds…

Create Ultra-Realistic Animated AI Avatars Embodying Local Experts with Just a Single Photo

Access 30+ Done-For-You Local AI Experts Across Industries (Chef, Plumber, Fitness Trainer, and More)

Instantly Find Businesses & Their Website URLs From Across The Globe In Any Niche With A Keyword

A.I. Will Meticulously Scrape Pages From Their Website In Minutes

Your visitors can even leave offline messages for complex queries

State of the art fine-tuning model powered by OpenAI.

Completely Customize AI Expert As Per Website’s Design And Branding

Custom Train AI Expert Using Data From ANY Website With The FASTEST Training Time

Review, edit, include/exclude pages to scrape with unprecedented control.

Multilingual Support Across 50+ Languages For Global Reach

For Limited Time Only: Get Agency Rights To Sell AI Experts To Clients

AI Scoures The Internet & Finds The Contact Information Of The Business For You To Contact & Offer AI Experts For Top Dollar

Introducing AI Local Expert

Supercharge your client's website with AI Local Expert - the groundbreaking platform delivering intelligent, hyper-realistic animated AI Experts tailored for any local business.

With our cutting-edge technology, you can transform your clients into ultra-realistic, animated avatars embodying the role of an industry expert perfectly suited to their business.

Imagine a restaurant owner represented by an animated chef avatar, or a plumbing company owner as a friendly animated plumber - all created from just a single photo upload. These AI experts go beyond reciting static information to deeply understand the client's products and services inside-out. Customers can relate to these engaging, animated professionals on a personal level.

AI Local Expert comes preloaded with over 30+ ready-to-deploy animated local business expert niches including Restaurant Experts, Plumbing Experts, Spa Experts, and many more. Leveraging advanced data scraping from your client's website, our specialized training algorithms equip each AI expert with comprehensive, nuanced knowledge to deliver accurate, contextualized responses that blow generic chatbots out of the water.

But the power goes beyond just conversation. AI Local Expert also allows you to effortlessly find businesses worldwide that need AI experts, providing their website URLs and contact details to identify hot leads.

The result? An ultra-realistic, animated AI representative driving massive increases in sales, better satisfaction, and skyrocketed conversions for your local business clients automatically. Offer this first-of-its-kind premium service and unlock an incredibly lucrative revenue stream.

3 Easy Steps to Launch Your Widly Profitable AI Expert Agency


Create Ultra-Realistic AI Avatar

With AI Local Expert's powerful avatar creator, simply upload a single photo to transform anyone into an animated, industry-specific expert. Choose from over 30 pre-trained local business niches like restaurants, plumbing, spas, and more to create a friendly, relatable avatar embodying that profession.


Find Potential Clients and Their Websites

Leverage our comprehensive global business database to easily locate businesses seeking chatbot solutions worldwide. With access to their website URLs and contact information at your fingertips, you can efficiently identify and reach out to promising leads.


Build and Sell Customized AI Experts

Once you've found a client, our advanced data scraping technology extracts in-depth information from their website to create a highly knowledgeable AI expert. Customize every aspect, from conversation styles to branding, and embed the rebrandable solution seamlessly onto their site. Offer this personalized, animated AI expert as a premium service and start generating revenue.

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Talk About AI Local Expert

Funnel / Pricing / Coupons

FE -AI Local Expert Commercial - $42

  • Generate Animated AI Local Avatars from Single Photo\
  • Access 30+ Done-For-You Local AI Experts
  • Find Businesses Worldwide Along With Their Website URL
  • Find Businesses In Specific Locations and Keywords
  • Find Contact Details of Businesses (Email & Phone)
  • Create AI Expert For ANY Website
  • Fastest Training Time For AI Expert
  • Automatically Gather All URLs From The Website
  • Review & Even Edit The Crawled Pages
  • Meticulous & Accurate Data Scraping of ANY Website
  • Include/Exclude Any URL For Scraping
  • Re-Train AI Unlimited Times For Error-Free Responses
  • Fully Customize AI Expert Design As Per Website
  • Embed AI Expert Into Any Website With a Short Embed Code
  • No "Powered By AI Local Expert" Branding
  • Sell AI Expert To Businesses For Top Dollar
  • Let Visitors Leave An Offline Message
  • Works with 50+ Languages
  • Collect Unlimited Leads
  • Create up to 10 AI Experts
  • Create up to 30 Animated AI Experts
  • 30 Pre-Trained Niche AI Experts
  • 50,000 Chat Tokens/Month
  • Train on up to 100 URLs Per AI Expert
  • Find up to 30 Businesses/Month
  • Find up to 10 Contacts/Month*
  • 10,000 Chatbot Pageviews/Month
  • Agency License


OTO1 - AI Local Expert Pro - $67


  • Unlimited Page Views (For AI Expert Widget-works on all sites, including WP)
  • Auto Re-Crawls & Re-Trains When Web Page Content Changes (30 Day Interval)
  • Collect and Store Visitors' Chat History for All Time
  • Rebrand/Rename Powered By Editable Text
  • Highest Level Priority Support
  • 1 Year Worth of Future Updates (nominal fee for additional updates afterward)

OTO2 - AI Local Expert Enterprise - $167-$197

  • Create up to 250 AI Experts
  • Create up to 500 Animated AI Avatars
  • 400k Chat Tokens/Month (Fair Use)
  • Train On 1,000 URLs/Chatbots
  • Find up to 500 Businesses/Month
  • Find up to 250 Contacts/Month

OTO3 - AI Local Expert AI Agent - $47

  • Unlock Additional 30 Niche AI Experts
  • Use Your Own Base Prompt
  • Customize Base Prompt For Various Outputs & Goals
  • 50+ DFY Base Prompts For Various AI Expert Types
  • DFY Base Prompts Specific For Business Types (Cafe, Restaurants, etc.)

OTO4 - AI Local Expert Agency Ignite - $77

  • Brand Free (generic site) Embed Code
  • DFY Beautiful Agency Landing Page
  • DFY Agency Ads (Facebook & Google)
  • DFY Client Contract Templates
  • DFY Fiverr Templates
  • Success Incentive
  • Bonus: AI Powered Cold Email Writer

AI Local Expert Bundle Deal - $307

  • FE - AI Local Expert Commercial
  • OTO1 - AI Local Expert Pro
  • OTO2 - AI Local Expert Enterprise
  • OTO3 - AI Local Expert AI Agents
  • OTO4 - AI Local Expert Agency Ignite

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65+ Custom Avatars!

I spent a whole day creating custom bonuses just for you! This first bonus includes access to over 65 unique avatars that you can offer to local businesses. AI Local Expert is a fantastic product, but it's missing one thing: custom icons. They provide you with local expert images, but not avatar icons. I've solved that problem for you.

You'll get more than 65 icons saying "Got questions?" These icons catch the attention of your website visitors. Best of all, you'll get them completely free!

Fully Customizable
Canva Templates

With this bonus, I've converted all avatars for yout to Canva formmat. You get complete access to all 65 avatar icons. You can easily modify them to match any brand. Change colors, fonts, and more.

All My
Photoshop files + Online Editor

With this bonus, I'll give you access to an online Photoshop editor plus all my Avatars Photoshop files so you can easily customize each image!

All ExpertS in TRANSPARENT format

I've cut out each expert for you in transparent format so you can use them anywhere!

showcase your product on CUSTOMERS website before they even buy it!

What's easier to sell - a product you can't show or one you can?

With this bonus, I'll teach you how to display your product on any website without needing access. Imagine how simple it would be to sell AI local expert services to businesses by showing them a chatbot on their own site, answering specific questions about their business. They'll quickly see the value and want your service because they've witnessed it in action.

In this bonus, I'll share a clever trick no one else will teach you.

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Expert-Designed Cold Email and Cold Calling Scripts

With this exclusive bonus, you'll gain access to professionally crafted cold email and cold calling scripts designed to help you effectively sell the 'AI Local Expert'.

These scripts have been carefully developed by industry experts to provide you with a robust strategy to approach potential clients and communicate the benefits of the 'AI Local Expert'. Each script is designed to capture attention, ignite interest, and prompt your prospects to take action.

The cold email script is concise yet powerful, highlighting the key advantages of incorporating the 'AI Local Expert' in a clear and compelling way. It includes a strong call to action, urging recipients to explore the personalized demo and schedule a follow-up discussion.

The cold calling script provides a step-by-step guide for a productive phone conversation, helping you navigate through the call with confidence. It guides you on how to introduce the 'AI Local Expert', address potential queries, and secure a follow-up meeting.

With these scripts, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to effectively communicate the value of the 'AI Local Expert' and potentially increase your sales conversions. Use these scripts as your secret weapon to excel in your selling efforts and drive your business growth.

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Simply enter information about your offer, and NovaCopy will automatically apply it to any of the available framework. Choose what OpenAI model to use from GPT 3.5 to the latest GPT 4 models and pre-save any offer or business info for rapid re-use. 

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Ultimate GPT-4 Mastery Course - Throughout this course, you will learn how GPT-4 works, how to use it for various applications, and how to train it to perform specific tasks. Whether you're interested in writing compelling stories, creating chatbots, or analyzing large amounts of text data, GPT-4 can help you achieve your goals. With the help of this course, you'll gain a deep understanding of GPT-4 and its capabilities, and you'll be well-equipped to start using it for your own projects and applications.

112 IDEAS TO LEVERAGE ChatGPT FOR PROFIT - This collection of ChatGPT ideas will help you make the most of this new AI tool to leverage ChatGPT for your own profit! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this resource offers a treasure trove of ways to transform ChatGPT into a powerful engine of economic growth.

325 ChatGPT prompts to make you top 1% in email marketing - These 325 ChatGPT prompts have been specifically designed to help you excel in email marketing and rise to the top 1% in the field!

DesignSnap - Are you tired of sharing bland and boring screenshots? Look no further! This incredible tool instantly transforms your screenshots by adding backgrounds, window frames, and subtle shadows. Plus, with a multitude of customization options, you can truly make your screenshots your own. Whether you're sharing them on your portfolio, your team's Slack channel, or Skype, This tool is the perfect way to upgrade your visual content and make it stand out. Say goodbye to uninspired screenshots!

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BioLink Creator, Enhance your social media marketing with the BioLink Creator App, a valuable tool for local marketers and agencies aiming to streamline their digital presence. This app allows you to consolidate all your social media links into one central bio link, making it easier to manage and track engagement across platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Customize your bio link to reflect your brand, and utilize the in-built analytics to measure the effectiveness of your links.

√ Stock Image Finder, Amplify your visual content strategy with the Stock Image Finder App, designed to seamlessly integrate with your local marketing efforts. Access over a million royalty-free stock images, vectors, and videos, crucial for crafting compelling visuals for your websites and social platforms. Paired with ShortTracz and BioLink Creator, this app forms a powerful trio, enabling you to effectively manage digital assets, enhance link engagement, and maintain a cohesive brand identity across all marketing channels 

√ Image Background Remover App Elevate your AI Local Expert experience with the Image Background Remover App - your ultimate tool for crafting visually striking chatbot icons using your branded avatars.

√ 32-In-1 SEO No business can run without customers or traffic. So we’ve decided to do something extraordinary here. Our team has put together a staggering group of 32 SEO tools into 1 single app. 

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√ Prompt Generator App For AI Local Expert AI Assistant Unlock your AI assistant's full potential with a robust prompt generator tool tailored to your unique needs. Create sales agents, support rep, conversion specialist and more on demand by configuring highly detailed instructions, conversation criteria and content requirements. 

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