If You've Ever Dreamed Of Having A HUGE Mailing List, This Is Your Chance!

Launch, Grow & Sell Your Own

6 Figure Newsletters

Using AI, Weekly DFY Content & Floods Of Organic Traffic

Introducing Minute Pop!

Your Shortcut To Subscriber Growth, Engagement & Clicks To Your Offers

Minute Pop is a VERY quick and easy way to get a newsletter funnel live fast, displaying a subscribe popup on your website (Wordpress or any website you choose), subscribing them and then delivering a weekly newsletter with trending news and content - and perfectly targeted sponsored ads (with YOUR links) done for you. 

As you’ll see, having fully managed lead funnels and monetized newsletters is easy.  All your customers need to do is: 

  • Add their logo
  • Add payout/traffic options  (add Clickbank ID & any URL’s they want to promote)
  • Select their target audience
  • Choose how they’d like to display their popup and where 

Display newsletter & funnel popups using our Wordpress plugin or copy/pasting the script to any page you’d like to display it, automatically build your subscriber list and have our team send weekly niche targeted, trending news and information… including links to your ads and relevant promotions all containing your affiliate links. 

PLUS if they don’t have a website to display a popup on, we’ll give them FIFTEEN of them!  Beautifully created lead magnet funnels. 

We have an inbuilt autoresponder so there’s no messing around with setting up anything technical, but if you’d like to connect your autoresponder to capture leads you can do that too! 

This is great to get people started fast - but we’ve taken it even further, giving them the complete step by step guide to creating these newsletters and packaging in a way that can potentially lead to HUGE 6 or even 7 figure sales.  What people are doing with these is insane - we’ll show them these cutting edge strategies and give them all the tools to turn their startup newsletter into a big profit pulling machine. 

Five Weekly Newsletters Written For You: Trending topics each week, with your logo, your ads and your brand. Fully managed for you

Easy Popups WordPress Or Website: Already have a website? Easy! Add our plugin or standalone script & build your lists faster

No Website? No Worries!: We've created fifteen completely done for you, hosted lead magnet funnels branded in under one minute

Fast Start Training: Video 1 Has Average Member's Managed-For-You System Live & Automated In About 1.6 Minutes, ready to grow

Free Autoresponder: We'll show you how to tap into a new AR & source of traffic that literally pumps leads straight into your account

Exclusive AI GPT's Allow You To Scale It: Use our custom created AI tools to turn each of the five newsletters into 10+ that you can sell!

One-On-One Mentor Support Included: Login to your dashboard to be assigned your personalised (human) mentor, available via chat

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Try this out for yourself. If you're not absolutely loving it let us know, we want you to try this risk free.

Using These DFY Newsletter Popups To Build Thriving Subscriber Lists Is Great... But...

What If You Don’t Have A Website Or Blog?

No Website? No List? No Worries!

Strap Yourself In For The Ultimate In Beginner-Friendly Newsletter System!

Fifteen Complete Email Capture Funnels: All pages are written, designed and hosted. All emails queued and branded to you in under one minute.

No Code, No Writing, No Design Skills Needed : All 15 of your email funnels are ready to use. Each delivers a unique/high value gift after they sign up

Automated Emails With Your Links: After they receive their gift, we add them to your newsletter. We'll pick one perfectly suited to their interests

Easy & Perfectly Beginner Friendly: Simplicity is key here. Each of your funnels has a single link. Copy, paste and share using tools we provide

BONUS Free Website & List Software: We'll help you set up your very own website, standalone email list. Then we'll show you straightforward methods to using it to make sales or even selling it!

Your Secret Weapon For Big Email Lists

Huge Growth In Highly Profitable Niches

Hosted & DFY Email Capture Funnel Collections

Collection #1: Parents Pack

You’ll get THREE email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “Parenting & Family Life”, “Health & Wellness” and “AI Tech Trends” newsletters

DFY FUNNEL #1: Hidden Sugars In Your Diet For Health Conscious Parents Funnel.  Delivers report and follows up promoting the Smoothie Diet offer on Clickbank tailored to parents & fun for kids too!

DFY FUNNEL #2: A Parent’s Guide To Safe Woodworking Tools & Techniques Funnel.  Shares the best tools for setting up a safe workspace and follows up with the Ultimate Small Shop product on Clickbank

DFY FUNNEL #3: Strong Foundation For Building Strong Health Teeth Funnel.  Shares about keeping your children’s teeth healthy and follows up with natural product recommendation, ProDentim on Clickbank

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

Collection #2: Seniors Funnels

We’ll also add these FOUR email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “Health & Wellness” and “Digital Marketing” newsletters

DFY FUNNEL #4: Aging with Energy: The Liver’s Blueprint for Livelong Vitality.  This report shares valuable information about liver health and follows up promoting LivPure

DFY FUNNEL #5: Hobbyist’s Guide to the Top 20 Woodworking Tools On A Budget.  This is perfect for the senior hobbyist and has recommendations for setting up their own Ultimate Small Shop at home

DFY FUNNEL #6: Guarding Your Gums: A Deep Dive into Gum Health and Disease Prevention.  Sharing different potential health issues and preventions using our natural product recommendation, ProDentim

DFY FUNNEL #7: Golden Years, Golden Smiles: A Comprehensive Guide to Oral Health for Seniors. This funnel also recommends ProDentim with a new/fresh angle

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

Collection #3: Wealth Funnels

PLUS these FIVE brand new email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “AI Tools & Tech” & “Digital Marketing” newsletters

DFY FUNNEL #8: Profits & Phases: How the Moon Influences Business Decisions. This uniquely fresh twist shares the science behind lunar cycles and business decisions and offers a free moon reading too, putting them into a high converting Clickbank offer

DFY FUNNEL #9: Leading With The Brain In Mind. This report is for CEO’s and management recommending a Billionaire Brainwave offer on Clickbank after signup

DFY FUNNEL #10: Millionaire Mindset Unleashed: Unlocking Your Brain’s Wealth Potential. Classic make money online, this is rich with sales copy that will entice your audience to download the report and visit the Billionaire Brainwave offer on Clickbank

DFY FUNNEL #11: Break Free with Brainpower: From Employee to Entrepreneur. Created for people frustrated in their 9-5, this follows up recommending a Billionaire Brainwave offer too

DFY FUNNEL #12: Craft Fair Mastery: 20 Essential Tools For Profitable Woodworking. This is great for people who want to turn their hobby of woodworking into a business! Follows up recommending the Ultimate Small Shop product on Clickbank

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

Collection #4: Weight Loss

And finally, these THREE email capture funnels, growing audiences in your “Health & Wellness” and “Food & Culinary Arts” newsletters

DFY FUNNEL #13: Detox Deep Dive: Amplify Your Cleanse With Liver Wellness.  This educates them about liver health and guides them to visit LivPure for a naturally healthier way to get better results with their detox programs

DFY FUNNEL #14: Beyond Dieting: The Liver’s Secret Role In Melting Stubborn Fat: Showing some uncommon links between liver health and losing weight. this eyeopening report then guides them through to the LivPure offer. 

DFY FUNNEL #15: 150 Free Smoothie Recipes. Delivers a report packed with smoothie recipes and follows up promoting the Smoothie Diet offer on Clickbank especially tailored for post menopausal women. 

Each includes custom tailored giveaway report, landing pages, download pages and entire sites

All hosted and ready for you to share, simply add your Clickbank ID in your account settings, get the link to the page we give you and grow!

That's 15 Entire Lead Magnet Funnels

Lead Capture Page: With hosted & automated autoresponder​

Lead Magnet PDF: High Value Reports. Designed, created & delivered to your audience automatically

Confirmation Page: For an excellent subscriber experience

Download Page: Delivering your gift and preselling an affiliate offer (with your links automatically added)

Thank You Page: More engagement, gifts and reasons for them to keep looking for your emails

Targeted Written For You Email Sequence: Goes out automatically with your links embedded for 18 days of emails

Promo Tools Kit: Banners & swipes, ready to copy/paste and share to grow your audiences easily without writing a word.

MANY Integration Options: Connect your autoresponder, add your own scripts to pages and much much more...!

Own, Create & Thrive With This Complete Newsletter Package

Maybe I’m crazy, but I can’t help but over deliver… to make this an even easier decision for you I’m also including two very special launch-only bonuses.

Get 2 New Funnels EVERY Month!

Having more funnels, in more niches is the secret to many of the massive marketers success. 

When you have the right lead magnet to offer at the right time, to the right person… that = $$$’s…

Which is why we’re giving you the ability to choose 2 new funnels every month from our collection of 2,000+ done-for-you lead magnet funnels.

We’ve got new funnels in most niches imaginable being added almost every day, so you’ll be able pick the perfect one …  

Best of all, there are NO additional monthly fees.   You’ll get 2 every month, included in today’s offer, so your collection of ready-made funnels growing your ability to fill your newsletters faster will keep growing as your subscriber list and commissions do month after month… after month. 

Build Your Own – App Access

If, in that 2,000+ collection of done-for-you lead magnets, you still can’t find what you want… we have a solution for you too. 

We’re giving you access to the FunnelMates builder and members area so you can create your own.

You can use our one click templates to install a funnel, drag and drop builder to customise and email templates, point and click link building and tracking system too!  

This is our flagship software and you’ll love it!

Pricing/Funnel details

FE >

  • Members will receive access to: 

    [+] Minute Pop Training Series: Training series includes a super fast start video, setting up your system in under 1 minute.   Then we’ll explore how to choose the niche perfect for your audience, multiple ways to profit with these newsletter and niche targeted lists and some uncommon yet insanely simple ways to build your newsletter databases that can be flipped for thousands of dollars (even up to 7 figures!!!) 

    [+] FunnelMates Membership containing 5 fully monetized, content rich, automated weekly newsletter funnels and 15 complete pre-built, hosted and automated lead magnet funnels.

    [+] Stunningly designed hosted and instantly ready funnels
    [+] All lead magnets created and delivered, followups delivered and targeted promotions 
    [+] FIVE weekly plug and play newsletters
    [+] ALL automated and live in under one minute
    [+] Includes 12 months of DFY weekly trending/newsworthy newsletter content freshly curated each week and perfectly tailored to each of the 5 niches. 
    [+] Frontend newsletter niches include health and fitness, wealth and make money, technology and AI, families and parenting and cooking/culinary arts news.

OTO 1 >

 Minute Pop Boost ($47)

  • An additional 15 lead magnet funnels in HOT niches
  • An extra 5 newsletter niches unlocked
  • BONUS: 5 Additional Newsletters Added (for a total of 15 including the FE)
  • BONUS:  Advanced Training Series (Video) sharing how to create their own Minute Pop style lead funnels
  • BONUS: Advanced Training Checklist
  • BONUS: 30 Day Fast Start Planner (5-10 min a day tasks)


Minute Pop Agency Dashboard ($67 or $197)

Customers will be able to create accounts and manage clients newsletters, set it up (i.e. add their clients name and monetization info), add the popup code and charge a premium for managing their newsletters

OTO 3 > 

Minute Pop Webinars ($47)

Customers receive: 
[+] Unlock 8 handcrafted auto-webinars created to perfectly complement the top 8 niches, using software to capture leads and put them into cleverly crafted warmup webinars and nudge them into buying (with your affiliate links).  These boost conversion rates dramatically when pushing new subscribers to the sale and are 100% automated. 

Minute Pop Bundle $297 Bundle Offer Includes All Funnel Items: 

  • Minute Pop Collection & Bonuses
  • Minute Pop Boost + Bonus 8 Newsletters
  • Minute Pop Agency Dashboard
  • Minute Pop Webinars
  • 12 Months of Unlimited Weekly Newsletters In All Included Niches
  • BONUS: Whitelabel Editing Permissions On ALL Included Funnels 
    (only available when purchasing the bundle offer)
  • BONUS: Collection of 270+ Downloadable Lead Magnet Funnels & Their Source Codes Plus 2 Each Month (Lifetime access, no added charges) 

Check out the OTO pages below

(Front end needs to be purchased first)

GET minute pop


(Bonuses will be send automatically to your purchase email address)


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